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Timer Fireplace Remotes

Put your fireplace on a timer

Timed fireplace remotes are a great way to make your fireplace even more convenient. These units will allow you to enjoy your fireplace without the need to manually switch the fireplace off after use—just set it and forget it. Different models also include added benefits like touch screens.

Fireplace Products

Skytech has been the fireplace industry’s leading manufacturer of fireplace remote controls for decades, and it’s easy to see why. With a wide selection of remotes for millivolt gas valves, servo motor gas valves, and other specialty valves, Skytech remotes are always a top choice for consumers.

The Skytech Products Group, makers of Skytech remote controls, have been in business for more than 20 years. Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Skytech offers a generous five-year limited warranty on remote controls. For more information, consult a product manual.

Product Information

In addition to being an industry leader in fireplace remote control manufacturing, Skytech also offers fan blower kits, gas valve kits, and additional fireplace products.

Skytech Products

Fireplace Remotes

Skytech remotes are the most popular brand in the industry for good reason. Check out a wide assortment of on/off remotes, timer remotes, thermostatic remotes, and more.


Check out Skytech’s extensive selection of fireplace valve kits with various ignition systems.

Service Parts

Keep your fireplace running like new with premium service parts manufactured by Skytech.


Add an extra decorative touch to your fireplace with premium enhancements and other Skytech accessories.

Fireplace Remote Controls

Acumen has been a leader in the hearth industry for many years. Known primarily for remote controls, fan blower kits, and gas valve kits, Acumen ensures customers’ gas fireplaces remain working at peak performance for many years to come.

Product Information

Find the right Acumen remote system for your fireplace. On/off fireplace remote systems, timer/thermostat remote control systems, and various millivolt gas valve accessories are available for purchase.

Acumen Products

Fireplace Remote Controls

Find the right fireplace remote control system for your gas appliance.

Fireplace Accessories

From heat shields, to wall brackets, to receiver covers, Acumen offers premium products to improve your fireplace setup.