Troubleshooting Skytech Remote Controls

If you encounter problems with your fireplace system, the problem may be with either the fireplace itself or with the remote. Review the fireplace manufacturer’s operation manual to make sure all connections are properly made. Then check the operation of the remote in the following manner:

  • Make sure all batteries are correctly installed in the transmitter and receiver. Also check that the batteries are fully charged.
  • Check batteries in transmitter to make sure contacts are touching (+) and (-) ends of battery. Bend metal contacts in for tighter fit.
  • Be sure receiver and transmitter is within 20-25 feet operating range.
  • Keep receiver from temperatures exceeding 130 degrees F. Battery life will be shortened if exposed to high temperatures.
  • If receiver is installed in a tightly enclosed metal surrounding, the operating distance will be shortened.
  • Make sure the hand-held transmitter and remote receiver are communicating properly (see LEARNING TRANSMITTER TO RECEIVER section).
  • Clear Codes: Memory in the receiver might be full if the learn button is pressed too many times. If this happens it will not allow any more codes to be learned and no audible beep will be heard. To clear memory, place the receiver slide switch into the REMOTE position. Press the learn button and release after 10 seconds. You should hear three (3) long audible beeps indicating all codes have cleared. You can now “learn” the transmitter to the receiver as described in the General Information Section.
Learning Transmitter to Receiver

Each transmitter uses a unique security code. It will be necessary to press the LEARN button on the receiver to accept the transmitter security code upon initial use, if batteries are replaced, or if a replacement transmitter is purchased from your dealer or the factory. In order for the receiver to accept the transmitter security code, be sure the slide button on the receiver is in the REMOTE position; the receiver will not LEARN if the slide switch is in the ON or OFF position. The LEARN button in located on the front face of the receiver; inside the small hole labeled LEARN. Using a small screwdriver or end of a paperclip gently press and release the black LEARN button inside the hole. When you release the LEARN button the receiver will emit an audible “beep”. After the receiver emits the beep press ANY transmitter button and release. The receiver will emit several beeps indicating that the transmitter’s code has been accepted into the receiver.

Skytech Battery and 110v Receivers