Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Remote Controls


What options are there for remote controls?

Here are the best options for fireplace remote controls:


Why should I buy a fireplace remote control?

Fireplace Remote controls provide tremendous convenience for any fireplace owner - they will increase your ability to relax and be comfortable. They are especially great for large rooms for ease of access; or for bedrooms and bathrooms where it can significantly enhance the ambience.


The temperature reading on my hand-held transmitter does not match my house wall thermostat, why?

Each fireplace remote system is calibrated by the manufacturer and may not match exactly with another manufacturer's thermostat.

Additionally, the differing locations between thermostats can play a role in different temperature read-outs.


Why is my remote control is not working?

Here are some of the reasons why your remote may not be functioning properly:

  • Batteries are dead or are installed incorrectly
  • The receivers slide switch is not in the right position
  • The remote's hand-held transmitter needs to have the "learn" function activated on the system's receiver
  • There could be a defective part which can be replaced under the 1 year warranty from time of purchase
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